Tips on Buying a Wooden Bunk Bed Frame in 3 Steps

If only you could walk into a bed shop and buy the first bed frame on which you clamped your eyes. Not so, unfortunately. There are several things to consider, so here are some tips for choosing your bed frame

Tip #1 Measure the Bedroom before Buying the Bunk Bed

Measure the size of your bedroom (and the bed – provided with the frames). You can place your mattress on the floor to get an idea of how much space the bed would occupy. As mentioned, add a few inches for the bunk bed frame. If the bed is going to dominate all the space, choose a compact one such as a 3tier bunk bed. You could go for a 3tier bunk bed or a single bunk bed, where you can store belongings on the floor, or go for a storage one, such as a triple sleeper bunk bed which has ample amount of space at the bottom of the bed.

Wooden Bunk Bed Frame

Tip #2 Remember the size of the mattress

Choosing your bed frame will be easier if you already have a mattress that is serving you the way you’d like it to, but whether you already have your mattress or not you’ll need a bed frame that’s the right size for it. You should have enough space to move around your bedroom comfortably.

Depending on the style of the frame, the dimensions of some beds will be bigger. You’ll have to add a few extra inches to wooden beds. Of course, there are lots of different mattresses to consider.

3Tire Wooden Bunk Bed frame


Tip #3 Buy a Bunk Bed Frame which suits your Home Décor

Choosing the right bed frame isn’t just about practicality. The aesthetics are equally important. Wooden frames, with clean lines, will make your bedroom look more modern. Wooden frames, with lots of cushions and a decent quilt will give it a more traditional aesthetic. Remember that the bed is the centre piece of the bedroom, so the frame must fit the overall design of the room.

Summing up for you

Buying a triple sleeper bunk bed, single bunk bed or 3tier bunk bed frame gives you a lot to think about. Not only have you got to take into account practical issues such as comfort, size and space, but also ones such as style.

Choosing the right style is important and can influence the price of the bed, how easy it is to maintain, how long the bed frame lasts and other aspects. 

The good news is that you do not have to choose comfort over style, nor style over comfort. The design of bed frames today allows you to enjoy both. When it comes to choosing a bed, the world really is your oyster.

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