Triple Bunk Beds, the solution of the bunk bed world.

Triple bunk beds, bunk beds with solid ladders. We all know what a bunk bed is made to do. Many of you are bound to have fond memories of fighting over who got the top bunk. But do you know what a triple bunk is? Well we’re here to give you a run down on this super sized bunk bed and give you a whole new perspective on why the bottom bunk might be the one to squabble over.

So what is a triple bunk?

Quite simply a triple bunk bed provides sleeping space for three people. This usually consist of a small double or a double on the bottom and a single on the top or even 3 tier option which is provided as an innovation product of the year. The conundrum of the preferred sleeping spot begins to unfold. Do you go for the spacious double where you can stretch out like a star fish? Or do you go for the traditionally coveted top bunk where you feel like your king of the sleep kingdom. It’s certainly a tough one. You might even have take turns.

3tier Bunk Beds

3tier Bunk Beds

Why chose a triple bunk?

When it comes to space the stakes are high. These bunk beds provide maximum sleeping space whilst taking up minimal floor space. So if you need more beds for sleepy heads and are worrying that it may mean a costly move or even an extension then panic no more. These beds are a perfect solution for making sure everyone gets a restful kips.

Alternatively you might just want to provide your little ones with an extra bed so they can have extra space for those all important childhood slumber parties. You’re bound to score some serious parent brownie points with one of our trendy triple bunks. All that’s left to do is to provide the grub for a cheeky midnight feast.

Triple Bunk Beds

Triple Bunk Beds

What styles are available?

We know that not everyone has the same taste. The world would be a dull place if we did! So we’ve scratched our noodles and fiddled with our pens to come up with a range of beds that offer a diverse range of options.

We’ve got some super sturdy wooden triple bunks. These wooden bunks can be purchased in a more natural colour, for those who like to keep things earthy or a white painted finish which would look great in a scandi style interior. We’ve even got wooden bunks painted in the bang on trend colour of grey. We like to tick all the boxes.

For those looking for a more industrial or modern look we’ve got the Serene Oslo metal triple bunk that is available in silver, black or white.

So you can see that when it comes to triple bunk beds the sky really is, quite literally, the limit.

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